About the 900 Voices Project

900 Voices is part of Peterborough Celebrates 900, a significant anniversary for Peterborough Cathedral Diocese. 900 Voices is capturing the voices of people along the River Nene from Northampton to Peterborough and is a project by arts organisation One to One Development Trust, funded through Nenescape.

One to One Development Trust have built an online archive and uniquely ambitious Digital Installation that brings together information and resources about the River Nene. Both were made live in December 2018 alongside a series of short films as a response to the project.

900 Voices contains stories, images, music, poems and film that relates to the River Nene. Content has been gathered in many ways including via social media, contributions from Nenescape partners, through workshops in community settings and specific interviews on audio and film. The archive is a 'snapshot' of what the river means to people who live and work around it at this time in history.

"I fell in love by the river, it was where we went on our first date - a picnic under the willow trees." "We sprinkled our dogs ashes into the river as he always dived in whatever the weather - happy memories..." ... The stories included are as diverse as the Nene itself. Some participants share a photograph, artwork or a poem, all evoking a special sense of place.

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