Digital Installation

Explore a beautiful virtual river cross-section complete with wind-blown vegetation, hand-drawn paper boats and roaming wildlife inspired by the River Nene between Peterborough and Northampton.

What does the Installation contain?

Rendered using cutting-edge photo-scanned 3D graphics, the 900 Voices Digital Installation contains a specially curated selection of material from the Archive including digitised paper boats, audio interviews, paintings, poetry, songs and much more. Switch into 'Game Mode' and find the 50 hidden golden boats. Try the new 'Winter Mode' and explore the riverbank in the snow and ice. Spot the wildlife: birds, butterflies, fish, frogs, snails - even an elusive otter.

The installation is an artistic and peaceful meditation on the River Nene and its surrounding communities inspired by the content gathered throughout the 900 Voices Project. Note that it does not contain the entire contents of the archive, only a curated selection.


The 900 Voices Digital Installation was designed for use at 900 Voices events where it was shown digitally projected and running from a gaming laptop with a Geoforce GTX 960 graphics card. The download is for use only with high end/gaming PCs capable of rendering advanced 3D graphics. It will not work on low-specification or 'admin' PCs or Apple Macs. It requires a mouse/keyboard or X-box style PC gamepad to navigate and speakers or headphones.

Download 900 Voices Digital Installation for PC (1.1GB)

Note that the Installation requires approximately 2GB of free space to install.

How to get it working

Download the project from the link above and double click on the EXE file. Follow on-screen instructions. When prompted, choose the screen resolution at which you would like to experience the installation (1920 x 1080 is strongly recommended if you have a HD laptop or monitor) and press Play! to start. Use the mouse/keyboard or a connected X-box style PC gamepad to explore the landscape. Press ESC to switch the installation into various different 'modes' or to quit back to Windows.

Known Issues

- Occasionally when moving through the installation at very high speed, text has been known to become 'stuck' on-screen. To solve this issue press ESC to activate the in-project menu or move into close proximity with an interactive element such as a paper boat or painting.

- Paper boats can often become caught in the vegetation and rocks along the riverbank and come to a complete halt. They can also topple over and float down the river on their side, or even upsidedown. Rebooting the installation from the ESC menu will reset all the stranded paper boats' positions after a long period of 'gameplay'.

- There is no collision detected on the 'Art Cabin' structure which means you can move through its walls.


Who created this?

The installation was designed and developed by One to One Development Trust and commissioned by Nenescape.