Map of the Nene and Ise Valley at Wellingborough during the late Victorian period

Contributor: Mike Gent
Type: Image or Photograph
Location: Wellingborough
Recorded: April 2021

I don't know the date of the map but from various details it must be late Victorian? The Embankment Road does not appear to have yet been built and the School is not shown. As Wellingborough School , although founded in 1596 and celebrating 425 years of age this year, did not move to its current site on the corner of lrthlingborough Road and London Road until 1881 the map may precede that date but later than the arrival of the railways? The former site of the school was built in the centre of town in 1620 next to Allhallows Church where it still remains and is now the church hall. The Gas Works buildings still stand and have been redeveloped into a rather nice area with artisan shops and cafes called Nene Court. Finally the Workhouse next to the School has a rather Victorian and Dickensian tone to it and also still stands but during my schooldays was called The Park Hospital and now has been modernised further to The lsebrook Hospital.