Brewing on the Nene

Owner: One to One Development Trust
Type: Video
Location: Northampton
Recorded: November 2018

Phipps NBC is the oldest brewery in Northamptonshire and in 2014 the company was brought back into being in a beautifully restored old brewery house with its own bar The Albion Bar on site. Jeremy Phipps (Chairman), Alaric Neville (MD), Sam Toyne (Manager) and John Smith (Head Brewer) tell the story of the brewery and its come back. Phipps now is an important business in Northampton promoting both heritage and innovation through resurrecting traditional beers and creating new products including their own gin, distilled on site and new beer Kinky Boots as a tribute to the areas shoe industry. The film explores the importance of the River Nene as a connecting force, not just to the brewery, but within the lives of the staff team.